Community of Practice

Announcing the HEROES Community of Practice for Health Workforce Planning
We are thrilled to announce the launch of the HEROES Community of Practice, dedicated to advancing Health Workforce Planning across 19 countries. This initiative aims to foster a collaborative learning community involving experts and participants from diverse backgrounds.

Mission and Goals
Our mission is to cultivate a dynamic, collaborative learning environment where ideas flourish and innovation thrives. Through focused, peer-led discussions, we’ll exchange successful strategies and support the implementation processes across various work packages, driving
impactful change in the healthcare landscape.

Recent and Upcoming Meetings
Our recent meeting delved deep into “Workforce Flexibility in Healthcare,” scrutinizing crucial aspects to uplift the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery. We explored the integration of workforce flexibility into healthcare planning, a pivotal element for the
responsiveness and resilience of healthcare systems. You can find the next planned meetings and our topics in the table below.

Community of practice meetings
Topic PreferencePartnerDate
Workforce flexibilityAGENAS22/4/24
Mobility and retention of HWFs OKFŐ+SU3/6/24
Validated and emerging methodologies MSAE5/7/24
HWF demographicsNivel6/9/24
Statistical Research European CommissionAGENAS1/11/24
Mobility and retention of HWFsNIJZ17/1/25
Statistics Norway’s HWF forecasting tool  Hdir7/3/25
Shifting competencies between health professionalsICS2/5/25
Mobility and retention of HWFsACSS4/7/25
Addressing structural barriersWHO5/9/25

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