The project

Joint Action on HEalth woRkfOrce to meet health challEngeS

19 European countries and 51 partner organisations working together to improve the health workforce planning capacities so to ensure accessibility, sustainability, and resilience of healthcare services.

Key Facts about HEROES

  • Duration: 36 months, 01/02/2023 – 31/01/2026
  • JA HEROES involves 19 countries
  • The estimated project cost: 8 748 922.55€; EU contribution is: 80%
  • Granting Authority: European Health and Digital Executive  Agency  (HaDEA)  under  the  powers  delegated by the European Commission

General objectives

To improve the countries’ capacity for health workforce planning to ensure a future accessible, sustainable and resilient  systems, focusing on 4 MAIN AREAS:

  • databases, data collection, analysis, linkages, sources, on health workforce supply and demand;
  • forecasting tools and planning methodologies to address health workforce future challenges;
  • development and enhancement of skills and capacities for effective management of the health workforce planning systems at national and regional levels;
  • stakeholders engagement for a successful and sustainable health workforce governance.

Steps of activities

  1. Defining a sustainable framework for health workforce intelligence and data gathering
  2. Assessing the current situation in each country involved in HEROES
  3. Defining area of improvement, identify key stakeholders and possible actions to be taken at national and/or regional level
  4. Testing and piloting good practices in the four domains at national/regional level

Moreover, the Joint Action HEROES will also create:

  • a forum bringing together all key stakeholders to explore ways of promoting and leveraging the improvement of the health workforce planning system in each country;
  • a community of practice where all partners can develop, collect and share knowledge through “twinning actions”, dedicated seminars and workshops, and other activities.

Expected main outputs of the project

  • 20 policy action plans derived from policy dialogue
  • Final sustainability report at the EU-level
  • Report on countries’ data collection
  • HWF planning models and tools, stakeholders
  • Report on workforce planning skills improvement