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JA HEROES - Joint Action on HEalth woRkfOrce to meet health challEngeS



Granting Authority: European Health and Digital Executive Agency  (HaDEA)  under  the  powers  delegated by the European Commission

Key Facts about HEROES: 

1) to improve databases used in Health Workforce (HWF) planning; 

2) to develop effective tools and methods to carry out HWF planning; 

3) to define the best skill-mix needed by professionals to carry out HWF planning. 



The HEROES Joint Action is aimed at improving the HWF planning capacities of European countries so to ensure accessibility, sustainability, and resilience of healthcare services. 

Activities will be organized around three main clusters of countries with similar characteristics in their healthcare systems. For each of the three objectives, clusters will perform and “as is” analysis and define a desirable “to be” scenario at the Member State level. Finally, each country will design a road map and carry out an implementation strategy to cover the gap detected. Clusterization and overall JA coordination will ensure mutual learning and sharing of successful practices across countries. 


Already in the early steps of the JA, partners will ensure a systematic involvement of different stakeholders (e.g., policy makers, public institutions, category associations, academia), who will in turn be part of a network of experts, called to guarantee the implementation, sustainability and continuous improvement of the JA’s results. 


The value of the JA is not limited to participating Member States but, on the contrary, will be directly applicable to all Member States. These will be able to benchmark their national HWF planning strategy with international experiences and adapt in consequently. It will also benefit supra-national entities by providing the bases for more homogeneous and comparable data across national borders.

JA is targeting 4 main areas: 

  1. databases, data collection, analysis, linkages, sources, on HWF supply and demand; 
  2. forecasting tools and planning methodologies to address HWF future challenges of the participating countries; 
  3. development and improvement of skills and capacities for effectively managing the HWF planning systems at national and regional level; 
  4. methodologies and good practices to ensure a comprehensive and effective stakeholders mapping and involvement in each stage of the HWF planning process with the aim of obtaining the best possible set of data/indicators/qualitative information available at national level and thus form the basis of a future-proof planning system. 

Moreover, the Joint Action HEROES will also create: 

The HEROES Joint Action is a continuation of the first Joint Action on European Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting, and builds on the results of the SEPEN Joint Tender “Support for the Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting Expert Network”.


The JA HEROES Consortium: