WP7 Cluster workshop in Utrecht

On November 15-16 2023, the HEROES WP7 Cluster Workshop was held in Utrecht! The workshop successfully onboarded the whole team into project activities, fostered dynamic learning exchanges among cluster countries, and gained a comprehensive overview of the task activities and each country’s current situation.

The event featured interactive country presentations, where participants actively engaged in discussions initiated by the moderator, and in-depth sessions on Tasks, exploring gaps and deficiencies in each context.  The highlight was a hands-on simulation of HWF forecasting using Nivel’s Excel modelling tool, customized to each country’s HWF data. The apex  of the workshop were Belgium’s HWF planning model, Nivel’s Excel HWF forecasting tool, Malta’s successful implementation of the forecasting tool, and Slovakia’s innovative methodology for forecasting healthcare services demand emerged as major interest attractors.  Excitingly, numerous bi- and tri-lateral meetings are already in the works for January 2024, as countries dive deeper into these attractors, fostering knowledge transfer and pushing the boundaries of collaborative healthcare innovation.